You can create a meeting time with us online, phone, video chat to speak about your new and future website. Also if you register on our site you too can own your booking calendar on our site! You will need to register here to use the calendar app page. Login anywhere on the site to access your account.

You can create an appt. to ask about a new or existing website. I also am offering services in teaching you graphic design, website construction, web design, wordpress, website building, computer building & repairs, IT. I will educate you in the online world, how to… I got the answer, want to learn computer stuff? want to be your own designer and webmaster? want to make money online? $25 an hour. You can set up a date and time here then go pay on my store. Create as many hours and days, you decide! Help is here. If you have an issue and want me to fix it online remotely, yes you can hire me here. Computer repairs and fix online is $50 an hour, very economical huh? Pay here <–online education

Computer IT online work price and product

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