Open Multi Page PDF Adobe Illustrator CS6

Open Multi Page PDF Adobe Illustrator CS6 – I feel the need to share this wirh you because this will make your life a whole lot easier with Adobe Illustrator CS6 and when you open a PDF document and each and every page is numbered. So each page has to be opened 1 by one, what a terribly thing to do huh?

Well if you do this below you will be more than happy with this post. If you are happy with it please share it and comment on it. I was so happy I found this online and most of it free and I got it up and running in less than 10 minutes. First watch the video then download the script.


Download the script to your computer. It is a great post so I had to recorded on my website cause I definitely will re-use it on another computer.

So download and install it is safe!

Open Multi-Page PDF

After it was installed I was not able to use it or start it, so I went to the program folder and the script folder and doubled click on it and that is how it worked.